Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scene It.

I've decided to share with you all a scene I've written for one of my series, entitled "The Sign." This is the series which stars Jarvis and Marshall. Characters and events will be noted at the bottom with asterisks.

Marshall, Jarvis, and Abe* are walking through a city. Civilians gawk at them in fear and disgust.

Marshall: Jarvis, I don't think we should be walking through a city with Abe.

Jarvis: Why not? Abe's very friendly!

Marshall: He's scaring people.

Jarvis: He is? Abe, are you scaring people?

Abe: Abe not scare nobody!

Jarvis: See, Marshall? He used a double-negative. That means he's definitely not scaring people.

Marshall: His appearance is scaring people.

Jarvis: Oooohhh. Well, he can't help how he looks.

They step into a wide square. Loud screams arise from the city. The crowd disperses.

Abe: What go on?!

Marshall: I told you he was scaring people!

Jarvis: It's not Abe, look! [Points to sky.]

3 UFOs slowly spin into view.

Marshall: What the heck are those?!

Abe: Aliums! Abe scared!**

Cone-shaped beams of bronzed light shoot down from each of the UFOs. 3 scrawny blue aliens emerge from the beams.

Marshall: Hey, they look like that Smeerp alien!***

Jarvis: Finyurpians!

Abe: Finyurpians?! They mean aliums! Rivals to Abe species!

Marshall: Rivals?!

Jarvis: They must be the armada Smeerp warned us about!

Marshall: Grrr...I was hoping he was just making that up...

The 3 Finyurpians discuss amongst themselves.

Fin 1: (Over there, is that an Excriplissian?)

Fin 2: (That fat green blob? No way. All Excriplissians are swoll^.)

Fin 3: (They might have some black sheep, like my brother-in-law. He was a runt, so we ate him.)

Fin 1: (Shut-up! We are not here for him. We are here to find Agent Smeerp's assassins and harvest the planet's denizens.)

Fin 3: (Wouldn't that include the Excri--)

Fin 1: (Silence!)

Fin 2: (Hey, those Eartians^^ with the Excriplissian...They look like the ones from Agent Smeerp's transmissions!)

Fin 1: (Oh, how coincidental. To kill two bugs with three stones!)

Marshall: What could they be discussing?!

Jarvis: They wanna know why Abe's here.

Marshall: Huh? How do you know that?

Jarvis: I can understand them.

Abe: How you know Finyurpian?

Jarvis: When I merged with Smeerp, my brain absorbed his knowledge.****

Marshall: That's crazy!

Jarvis: They say they're here to find the ones who assassinated Agent Smeerp and to harvest the people of Earth.

Marshall: Gah! No way!

Abe grabs Jarvis and squeezes him in his arms.

Abe: Abe no want friend get hurt!

Jarvis: We'll be okay, Abe! We've handled one of them before!

Marshall: Yeah, but this is three!

Fin 2: (Soo...Are we going to attack?)

Fin 1: (Err...Yes! Attack!)

The 3 Finyurpians sprint toward Jarvis and company. Abe releases Jarvis and steps before him.

Abe: Abe save!

Several feet from their targets, the Finyurpians leap into the air and lunge at Abe. When within range, Abe reaches up, grabs the two outer assailants by their necks, and bashes heads together with the middle alien's. Their heads shatter on impact.

Abe: Finyurpians made of glass.*****

Abe releases their necks and the bodies fall limp to the ground.

Abe: We go before they heal!******

Marshall: Wow...

Jarvis: Yay, Abe!

Abe: Go now!

The trio ducks into a warehouse.

Jarvis: Hey, Abe, you said your species is rivals with their species. How long has this been going on?

Abe: Me no know. Many stars before Abe born. In fact, me sent to here because Abe leader hear they leader send someone to here. Me came to stop them!

Jarvis: And we attacked you. You poor creature.

Marshall: This is insane. Aliens invading is absolutely ridiculous!

Jarvis: Believe it! They intend to eat all the chumps on Earth for breakfast!

Abe: Finyurpians ruthless!

Jarvis: Ruthless, you say? So they're just looking for their lady-friend, Ruth, eh?

Abe: Uuhhh...Me think so...

Jarvis: No, wait...did you mean 'ruthless' as in 'cruel without mercy'?

Abe: Yeah, Abe meant that!

Jarvis: Then all may be lost...

Marshall: No!

Jarvis: Oh?

Abe: Whoa!

Marshall: We can't stand by and let them devour us! We're fighting back!

Jarvis: Yay, Marshall!

Abe: You speak da troof!

The trio is suddenly ambushed by the 3 Fins. Fin 1 grabs Jarvis w/ left hand while Fins 2 & 3 restrain Abe and Marshall.

Fin 1: Skreeee skree skreeeee skre!^^^

Marshall: What the heck did he say, Jarvis?

Jarvis: He says: "So you think you can hide from us?"

Marshall: We were hoping.

Jarvis: Skree...

Fin 1: Skree...*******

Jarvis: He wants to know where the man with brown and yellow hair is.

Marshall: Huh? Brown and yellow hair?

Jarvis [whispers]: Psst! I think he means Marskal...********

Marshall: Who? Oooh... He's dead. Never to be seen again. Ever.

Jarvis: Skree...

Fin 1: Skree... (Who killed him?)

Marshall: Your mother.

Fin 3: (When did your mother come here?)

Fin 1: (I don't know, she never talks to me.) To Jarvis: Skree...

Jarvis: "Then tell us where the yellow-haired man is."

Marshall: You must mean Markal. I don't know where that loser is.

Jarvis: Skree...

Fin 1: Skree...

Jarvis: He says you'd better learn or he'll kill "your son, here."

Marshall: He's not my son, go ahead.

Jarvis: Gasp!^^^^

Marshall: Aren't you going to translate?

Jarvis: I don't want to!

Abe: You mean to friend Jarvis!

Marshall: Hey, I'm trying to save my own skin, here!

Jarvis's eyes well up.

Jarvis: Waaaaaaahhhh!

Surprised by Jarvis's wailing, Fin 1 releases Jarvis. The disturbance gives Marshall the chance to free himself from Fin 2's grip. He slams the alien's head into the brick wall, shattering it. Abe acts in kind, taking out Fin 3 with an elbow drop to the head. Marshall takes out Fin 1 by jumping and slamming his leg into Fin 1's head, sending him flying into a brick wall, shattering on impact. Jarvis hops up and startles Marshall.

Jarvis: Ah-ha! You planned that the whole time! I knew you didn't mean what you said.

Marshall: We should run...

Abe: Abe carry!

Abe snatches up Marshall and Jarvis and carries them under his arms as he runs out of the warehouse.

Marshall: Ugh, god, your pits are rank...we gotta find Markal.

Jarvis: Yeah, his life could be in danger!

Marshall: Yeah, I'm gonna wring his neck!

Abe: Who Markal?

Marshall: A loser.

Jarvis: Another friend, Abe!

Abe: Oh, boy!

[End scene.]

*Abe is a portly green alien. His name is short for "Absorbon" and was bestowed upon him by Jarvis, as was his original name. Also known as "Hefty Absorbon" briefly. He went through two other stages before he became the fat fellow he is now.

**Abe is, of course, an "alium," himself.

***Smeerp was a foe with which they battled previously. (Before Abe's time.)

^Short for "swollen," slang for musclebound.

^^Pronounced in the same manner as "Martians."

****Thanks to Dr. Christian's wonderful "mergion machine"! Incidentally, Abe got his very limited intellect in a similar manner: by absorbing the combined energy blasts of Jarvis and a character named Jarell. From their combined energies, Absorbon absorbed some of their intelligence.

*****Not really; their bodies are just sharp and easy to break, like glass.

******They can regenerate.

^^^Their languages is just a series of "skrees."

*******Abridged dialogue.

********Markal and Marshall merged together to save Jarvis from his merging with Smeerp. "Marskal" was born from this union.

^^^^This is not an onomatopoeia, he actually says "gasp."

Please excuse the terrible photo quality. I lack a scanner and was forced to take photographs.


This is Abe in his base stage. Jarvis just called him "Absorbon" here. He is absorbing the earth's energy into his arm.


Abe in his "Beefy Absorbon" stage. As you can see, the beams are combining and striking his gullet. He absorbs the energy (that's why he's called Absorbon) and grows fat.


Abe showing off his spaceship, which is now far too small for him.


Sketches of this scene. The scrawny thing is a Finyurpian. In the bottom left corner, Jarvis is stretching his mouth as he "skrees."


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I SWEAR I wrote on this! I think some of my comments just aren't showing up. IDK. Anyway, what I commented before was that I liked how much the characters developed their own voice. Especially Abe! I felt like there came a point where I no longer had to read who was about to speak. I could simply read the dialogue and know who said what. That's pretty cool!

Matt Dimitroff said...

You posted it in the entry below ("Carekter Profils"). See my response there.