Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fayth's World!

I don't really like how this one plays out as-is and I've made significant developments to the characters depicted in this world, so as of now this world is set in an obsolete draft.


On this world, we met a guy named Math who turned into a monster and attacked us! (Something about a vampire, I can't remember.) He had an awesome sword that illuminated a white aura. We managed to survive long enough for an angel named Kally to stop him. We helped him defeat a demon and later found Markal.

That Math guy scared me!
-Super Cool

Yeah, did U C his I's?

Yes, he wuz quite a site to B-hold.
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

I vuz scarlderl than all ov U!

I thought he was kinda cool.

Yer a lie!

U do not have 2 hide Ur fear, Master Marshall.
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

Whatever. How do you guys ever find time to write in this thing? We're always doing something!

I could ask U the same.

[Marshall closed out at 11:03 pm]

Of all the members of The Journal Forum, he sure is underline* the least.
-Super Cool

He is not much of a talker.
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

I am still afrlaid ov that Math fellow.

*A writing pun on the term "online." The italicized part is also underlined.

I promise the next entry will be longer.


CP said...


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Matt Dimitroff said...

Well, I hope you keep coming around.

AubrieAnne said...

I like what you have so far and from what you said, it sounds like you're going to be playing with it and switching things around (Aren't writers just busy all the time!?). It's a little hard to read because of the I's for eyes and wuz for was, but I certainly think it is something I could get used to is I was reading it consistantly.

Matt Dimitroff said...

Sadly, it is very accurate as to how text on the Internet is conveyed. :(
But I appreciate the effort you're making!