Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 Facts, One for Each Day of the Week.

Thanks to Aubrie at whosyoureditor.blogspot.com for this lovely award.

The award calls for seven "random" facts about myself. I prefer to use the term "miscellaneous," as "random" doesn't quite fit this context. I had a hard enough time coming up with seven things before. Here we go! [/supermario]

1. I claim to be a writer, but the only writing I do is when I'm in a medium where it is required of me (creative writing classes, par example). This is why I strive to attend such courses.

2. Buckle my shoe. I wear only slip-on TredSafes without laces or velcro. The same pair. Every shoe purchase. Why not wear slip-resistant shoes all the time? Quite practical (except on ice, oil, or water).

3. When I lived in Hawai'i, I once lifted a plank of wood in my friend's yard and was completely surprised to see a humongous bullfrog underneath. I was terrified.

4. Shut the door. I can't leave my door open. I have to have it closed, especially when I am sleeping. I might prop it open when I am gone or when I am inviting conversation, but these are rare occasions.

5. I am afraid of few things. Those few things are: sunken ships, freaky eyes, sudden loud noises (not bullfrogs, contrary to popular belief).

6. Pick up sticks. I am from Georgia (the American state, not the European one). Taking linguistics courses has taught me that an accent is not determined by the twang of someone's voice, but by how they pronounce words and speak sentences (as with me, for example; I do not sound "Southern," but there are subtle nuances to my speech).

7. This is the seventh number on the list.

I will bestow this award to anyone who reads this.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ruined Plans.

So my roommates just confessed to me that they don't want me back at the apartment next year. This completely kills my plans and makes things more complicated. I now have nowhere to keep my stuff for the summer and I have to find a new place to stay for the next school year.

I really wish I were a more interesting person.