Monday, January 10, 2011

So I Guess I'm a Stylish Blogger.

Since I've been gifted this "Stylish Blogger Award" by Shah Wharton over at

So the requirements state that I list seven things about myself and pass this award along to fifteen other blogs. Since I only have five followers and since the majority have already received this award, I'll skip that portion and simply (it wasn't really that simple) list my seven.

1. I’ve never had a girlfriend (or for that matter, a boyfriend (not that I’m in the market for one)). As a result, I’ve never officially dated.

2. I have a father who is a published poet.

3. I lived in Hawai’i (specifically on O’ahu) for a year, where I met my lifelong friend, Tanner. I went back to see him in 2008 after 15 years.

4. When I was 5, I lived in Panama.

5. My mother used to sponsor foreign soldiers who were stationed at the base near my hometown (Fort Benning). The majority were from Lebanon and on a few occasions, they came to my school and talked to my class. They even surprised me on my birthday one year!

6. I’m the only one in my blood family born outside of Michigan. (Excluding my half-brother, whom I have never met.)

7. Various nicknames I’ve adopted, whether by my own imagination or gifted to me by others: Mattastic, Mattitude, Mattacular, Mattrick, Auto-Mattic, Matty, Mattrix, Dimitroff, Dimitrioff, Dimetapp, Demo, Dim-o-troof, Dimma-dumma, Matty D.


AubrieAnne said...

Ha! Awesome. I didn't know you lived in so many different places and I like all the names. That's fun.

Matt Dimitroff said...

I forgot to mention my favorite: Mattattack.

DawnZhang said...

Hahah lol so many names! XD I like Auto-Mattic! XD

shah wharton said...

Wow - now I feel I know you a little. And yes - the poet father is interesting, my dad wrote too - though never published. I remember that they were very good, but he was my hero and I was a child - so they could have been pretty awful? Nicknames are cool if you want them or they make you feel good - I loathed mine. Glad you accepted the award - you deserve it. Shah.

Matt Dimitroff said...

Thanks, all. My father has an entire book of poems published, but I, personally, don't think he's anything special. I'm also not a judge of poetry.

Anonymous said...

You have to had a girlfriend. :|

Matt Dimitroff said...

Says who? Is it really so unbelievable?

Jack Napier said...

LOL, says an EX that dated you in high school.

Matt Dimitroff said...

The improper use of "to" in that anonymous comment forced me to read it as though it were saying "you must have had a girlfriend, everyone has." I wasn't in high school, I was in college. We never went on an official date (we went bowling with my co-workers, nothing one-on-one to dinner or something, as I recall) and it was only for a couple weeks. It was never serious and rather shaky, so I don't consider it to be a full bf/gf relationship. How you view relationships is your prerogative. I did learn a lot of things from the experience, but I have never been with anyone since. It was just something that I rushed into and was not ready for.
Thanks for reading my dead blog.

Jack Napier said...

Matt, you called me your girlfriend in high school. Sure, it was a ridiculous few weeks but it's supposed to all be a learning experience. I am really not shocked that you don't even remember it being that you were "coached" by Jon and Gadget. (oh the thought makes me giggle being that we have come so far!)

Also, I am incredibly bored at work and saw you had a blog. So I lurked and saw the lie and had to say something, that's all.