Thursday, January 13, 2011

Krazy Robot World!


On this world, we encountered some crazy powerful robots! One had us cornered, but Sir Jay got it in the back with his halberd. (Awesome move, Sir Jay!*) Shortly after, a guy named Vaporwing found us and brought us to his hideout, where we met his friends. They told us they were the super heroes and super-villains of this world, and they teamed-up to halt the threat of the 'audiobots.' They asked us for help, and we agreed. They took us to the factory, where hundreds of audiobots were produced! It was a tough fight, but we pulled through to the boss and defeated him. We returned to Vaporwing's hideout to celebrate. To our surprise, we found Markal there! He ran away through a portal. We would have followed immediately, but Vaporwing suggested we eat first. After a hearty meal, we set off after Markal.

To say it was a tough fight would be an understatement.
-Blue-Feathered Anonymous (CW)

Yes, it vuz a verly tough fight!
-Double Fanged Action (CW)

My knuckles still ache!
-Super Cool 986**(CW)

I'm glad we survived!
-There's a 'Y' on my shirt***(CW)

If your knuckles ache so much, maybe you shouldn't be writing.

Hey, Marshall, where's your journal name?
-There's a 'Y' on my shirt (CW)

Yeah, we all have one.
-Super Cool 986 (CW)

I get tired of signing my own name, so why should I sign another? (In fact, I think I'll just stop.)

Who wrote this?^
-Blue-Feathered Anonymous (CW)

I did.

That still does not tell me who wrote it.
-Blue-Feathered Anonymous (CW)

Maybe it was Double Fanged Action (CW)?
-Super Cool 986 (CW)

It vuz not me.
-Double Fanged Action (CW)

(Didn't we go through this already?)
-There's a 'Y' on my shirt (CW)

Marshall wrote it!

How do you know Master Marshall wrote it?
-Blue-Feathered Anonymous (CW)

Because I'm Marshall!

Anyone can claim to be Marshall, but without verification, we can't know for sure.
-Super Cool 986 (CW)

I wrote it.

O, hey, Marshall! U know, U should get a journal name so noone will steal Ur identity.
-There's a 'Y' on my shirt (CW)

...(Maybe I'm the idiot.)

*For a drawing of this scene, view my November 7, 2010 post "Remember the Word 'Doodle'?"
**This is the handle I suggested to my mother when she made her first eBay account.
***Jarvis wears a white long-sleeved shirt which features a yellow "Y" extending from his shoulders to his waist. The pattern is mirrored on the back.


AubrieAnne said...

I love robots and I like how the 'doodle' works with it.

Matt Dimitroff said...

It's one of the few sketches I've done of all the characters together.