Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Table of Contets!

You guys get a double-whammy today because I meant to put this one up before "Fayth's World" and since I promised that tomorrow's would be longer and since this one does not hold up to that promise, I am posting it here now. And now you will have a preview of upcoming entries!


Midevil Manbird World!_______________________________Sheet 2
Super Cool's World!__________________________________Sheet 4
Crap World!_______________________________________Sheet 5
Vlad's World!______________________________________Sheet 7
Fayth's World!_____________________________________Sheet 8
Animil Kingdum!____________________________________Sheet 9
Krazy Robot World!__________________________________Sheet 12
Savyer's World!_____________________________________Sheet 14
Carekter Profils!____________________________________Sheet 18

Hey, who added this contents?!

I DID! I noticed we skipped the first page when we started.*

How could you skip the first page?!

U open it with the cover.
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

The cover is wider than the pages!**

Maybe the page was stuck to the cover?

...Whatever. You guys bug me.

Am I to understand that U refer to me as an insect, Master Marshall?
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

I think he closed out.

Cowardly knave!
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan

I could bite him 4l U.

Dirty move, Master Vlad, but thank U, anyway.
-Sir Jay of the Blue Clan


*This actually happened. I somehow skipped the first page when writing the journal, probably for the reason explained by Sir Jay, so I went back and added the table. Incidentally, I had meant to post this as the only one for today and forgot and now I'm returning to post it! Funny how life works.
**Not true from my point of view. It's just a standard composition journal and the pages are actually slightly wider than the cover.


DawnZhang said...

Lol.Awiiieee Vlad again! XD I likey him!!!

Matt Dimitroff said...

You'll be seeing even more of him soon!

AubrieAnne said...

The table of contents is very helpful. It's nice to know the order in which you intend for the story to be followed.

Matt Dimitroff said...

Thank you and you're welcome.