Tuesday, December 7, 2010

House Dinner.

So on the first Tuesday of each month, the roommates and I have a house dinner where we all come together and commune. This is the third one we've had and it happened to fall on the night before our roomie's 21st birthday.

Going counter-clockwise from right to left: Ben M., Alana, JD, Mike, Ben D., Jake (the birthday guy), and his girlfriend, Amber.

A pile-up.

Lots of balloons.

Various antics were had.

Balls were kicked.

The birthday king.

Our tree.


AubrieAnne said...

Looks like it was fun and I LOVE your tree.

Matt Dimitroff said...

Haha, thanks. You can see more pics and some vids on Facebook.

DawnZhang said...

I like the Christmas tree too. Good. Have fun.

djpr said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time and that tree! OMG to die for! Love it!

Matt Dimitroff said...

Yeah, there's a driver's license from a girl in Ohio that one of my roommates found and never returned.

shah wharton said...

Happy crazy chrimbo to you and all those on your pics! I love your tree, but mines better - ;) I'm a new follower btw - saw you on Aubries and thought - he could be fun to have around with his immmmaaagggginaation.

Matt Dimitroff said...

Well, thank you very much! Glad to have you.