Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remember the Word "Doodle"?

I've decided to share some old sketches. I'd like to share more than what I have on my Photobucket, but I've no accessible scanner. You'll have to click on some of the images to expand them.

This is concept art for a scene in a series which comprises every world and character I had conceived of at the time. The series was called "Dimensia," which is a word play on "dimension," which refers to the sci-fi element of inter-dimensional travel that is the series' driving force, and "dementia" because the whole series is pretty demented. (Well, not completely, but it's a fun portmanteau.)

From left to right: Sir Jay, an audio-bot (perhaps named "8-Track"), Super Cool, Marshall, Jarvis, and Vlad.

The series' premise stems from an original idea involving the characters Marshall and Jarvis. Events involving a self wish-granting individual named Markal transpire differently in this continuity, forming and alternate timeline. Markal opens a wormhole and Marshall and Jarvis are thrust into it. They then chase Markal to each world, meeting the likes of the others along the way.

Here's a sketch of the aforementioned characters. Since I can't draw very well and have no depth perception, the product you see here is different from my initial plan. All the words and lines are color indicators. I had wanted to turn this into a signature image for use on message boards and someone had volunteered to color it for me. It fell through. The person who is not present in the prior image is Markal.

My concept for a Pokémon. Meet Scariboo. It's a ghostly caribou.

And finally:

I took this on a golf course. I've been told I have a knack for capturing landscapes.


AubrieAnne said...

Did I mention before how much I love the idea of concept art?! It's really something I need to try out. I think it could be a very helpful tool.

Do you do concept art for all of your work? or only certain kinds?

Matt Dimitroff said...
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Matt Dimitroff said...

Mostly for ideas I had before coming to Central Michigan University because those were intended for cartoons. Most of what I've written since has been specifically for fiction writing. I haven't doodled anything in some time because, unfortunately, I haven't thought about those old ideas much and I don't appreciate my own drawing skill. While I'd like to have some drawings done for works like Totem or UMA Seekers, I just don't have the talent for the level I want.

But yes, it was a very helpful tool for ideas I had right away and doodling them was easier than writing them out. (This is why I'd written scripts before converting to short stories; it was easier than writing narrative.) In some cases, I would just write dialogue. But a few times in the past, I've drawn whole comic strips.

AubrieAnne said...

That's really cool.

I usually just write things out, such as dialogue or basic bullet points I can follow at a later time.

Although, I was an art major, I don't think my drawings would look very good at all so they would have to be just for me. For some reason, I can not draw from my imagination (yet). I have to have a reference. If I have something to look at, the drawing will look fabulous. (Sorry, I have absolutely no modesty when it comes to drawing. If someone asks if I am a good drawer. I say "Yes.")

Matt Dimitroff said...

Haha, there's certainly no need to apologize. I think everyone has a right to tell people that they have skills, but to personally feel that they need work. No sense in selling yourself short to people.

I hear ya on the drawing from imagination. I -wish- I could draw something precisely as I imagine it. But as a result of that inability, my imaginings have conversely developed from how I've drawn the characters to the point that I can't imagine them in a more realistic or stylized fashion.

Conversely to you, however, I love to share what I've done with people, even if it looks terrible. I want for people to take an interest in what I do and that is one of my biggest motivators. Unfortunately, those I consider my closest friends have little to no interest, so when someone (such as yourself) shows a remote interest, I get a little excited.